Period Statement Earrings

London, 2018 - 2019


A declaration of beauty

and power

I was frustrated by commercials showing pads that can flawlessly absorb blue liquid and a social narrative that regards the menstrual cycle as a disadvantage. Yes, it hurts like hell — but nothing about it makes people weak. The Period Statement Earrings present the menstrual cycle in all its glory! I translated my research into the physical and cultural aspects of the period into a bold line of earrings. Inspired by various phases and feelings of the cycle, the earrings are a wearable declaration of power; they ignite conversations that will help us own the narrative of the period.









Thinking through making

The work on this project was a dance between research and making, between personal growth and outside impact. I’ve set out to know as much as I can about menstruation using books, podcasts, films and various pop-culture references. I discovered many talented, inspiring people and organisations dealing with both period and period poverty.


Initially, I designed two sets of earrings I wore during my period. It added fun to the otherwise painful experience. It also helped me to talk about the subject with people, using the earring as a prop. During this process, I learned to name the things my body experienced every month, which turned out to be very powerful. Wanting to give the different phases of the menstrual cycle a fun and powerful visual representation, I expanded the line to six different designs.


A dance between research and making

Wearing the earrings and creating conversations around them

Experimenting with jewellery making techniques and materials and packaging design



Creative overflow!

The Period Statement Earrings has six different designs. I handmade them and designed the packaging.

I also created an additional product from this process - The Nartik, a vulva shape purse that I initially designed as packaging for the earrings.


These earrings are my interpretation of something 50% of the population will experience at some point. I had great conversations around it, hearing various voices and experiences. I believe the earring can be a way to express that, so coming soon is the Period Earrings Workshop.