Operation [re]make

London, 2019 - ongoing


Creating a new wardrobe out of the old one

A fun, creative and sustainable project that emerged from my desire to practice and perfect my sewing skills with minimum waste and cost. I took my unused clothes and turned them into unique items. Each new item has a story and an added personal value. It is my act of resistance to fast-fashion and its disastrous effect on our planet.








Minimum cost, maximum gain

The inspiration for this project came in the form of an expensive dress I only wore twice, that was hanging in my closet, taunting me. I decided to turn it into a bomber jacket. I then expanded this practice, organised my closet and found a lot of material to work with.


In every item I sew, I incorporate a new technique, or I use a fabric I haven’t worked with before. Curious about how this small action fits in the grand scheme of things, I also started researching fast-fashion and its unsustainable impact, becoming an advocate against unnecessary consumption. 

Experimenting with new techniques and fabrics in each new item

Unpicking a lot of stitches

Research into fast fashion and sustainability



A wardrobe full of stories

The clothes in my wardrobe are full of personal and cultural narratives; they invoke all sorts of memories and feelings. Sewing new clothes from my old ones allows me to use both their materials and their stories to create new ones.

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